Qiujuan Liao

Associate Design Director

Ms. Liao Qiujuan has more than ten years of experience in commercial interior projects.  For her role she is charged with overseeing the design teams from design to completion, she also has the ability to take on the overall planning, coordination and management tasks for various disciplines of the project.  In terms of artistic sense, Ms. Liao also carries experience in environment art design.  Through her experiences in both design and construction industries, she has developed the ability to carry out the construction with great attention to all aspects.  Ms. Liao believes that the essence of commercial design has always been PEOPLE, therefore to understand human behaviors and spiritual needs is important to design a comfortable, efficient and fun space.


Ms. Liao Qiujuan's interior design projects include China Merchants Diamond Mountain Shenyang, Pearl River Plaza Guangzhou, Gemdale west regional headquarters and Qiaokou Golden Triangle Mixed-use Yuexiu.


Ms. Liao qiujuan graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University and worked previously as associate design director of Shanghai Binzhan Design and design manager of Link + Architects Design Company.