Henry C. Liu

Vice President / Principal

Mr.Henry C.Liu has over 10 years experience of  architectural, especially on Mixed-use projects. With much business experience in commercial real estate projects,Mr. Henry has a deep understanding of the role positioning and operation in the super high-rise hotels and office buildings in mix-use projects. He  has always maintained a professional and forward-looking ideas in planning layout, the balance of value, site construction, brand image, energy-saving system and curtain wall design, in order to provide DCI’s business planning service, meanwhile It would be better to strengthen the integration of high-level tower part in the project, which will bring comprehensive value of optimal solution.


Mr Henry’s project includes Nanchang Greenland Xiangshan Road Project, EXPO Parcel A09A-01/A09A-02 Project Planning & Design, Yangshupu Power Plant Renovation, Intime Center Chengdu, Changsha Jiazhaoye Center, Changchun MIXC, Shanghai Joy City Phase II& III.


Mr Henry is a graduate of  Southeast University.